Four years is the blink of an eye to some, a lifetime to others. For me, the last four years has been the beginning of a lifelong dream. I’ve written four novels (covers above), an erotic short, and have written stories for two lesbian anthologies.

But I’m not here to talk about my personal achievements, though I’m proud of every one. In today’s world, where what we once knew and trusted to “be” isn’t anything we recognize, I believe in finding the light.

Since I’m an optimist at heart, I’m trusting the future to be better than yesterday and with that I am thankful for today, and hopeful for tomorrow. If I cannot fix the world, I can at least try to fix our intimate part of it by bringing love and gratitude to those I know, and those I meet along the way. It’s not a perfect world and I am not perfect in my humanness, but as a species we are inherently caring and good, and I prefer to move forward with an attitude of kindness and trust.

The arts have always been the foundation of culture, where artists drew history on the walls of caves, or carved in stone, or wrote on parchment. And music has been, in one form or another, a part of civilization for a very long time.

I mention the arts because they ground me, whether it be a song, or a book, or a painting there is a sense of self and a sense of peace found in them. When chaos reins, I read. When my head it too full of the noise of the world, I listen to music. When I can no longer shelter inside, I step outside and behold the canvas of the earth where trees and grass and flowers reach for the blue sky and life me up.

You, too, may be asking what you can do to bring comfort to not only others, but to yourself in these trying times. First, trust in the goodness of others. If you need—ask. If you are lonely—seek companionship. If you are hurting or scared—seek help. Our greatest strength is our ability to express ourselves. Do not forget to use your voice, especially when you have been silent for so long.

Be safe, be considerate, be well. I send you all love and light… small pink heart


Renee Roman
Author of Lesbian Romance, Intrigue and Erotica at Bold Stokes Books
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2 Responses to Home

  1. Linda says:

    Love your page. It’s very expressive, well written. I have not seen any of your books! I would love to, so to that end, I hope to find time to do so. Like I said, you are quite a literary! Now I am hoping you wrote all the blog yourself!

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your kind words. I do indeed write all my blogs. I haven’t had anything published yet, but I am continually writing and submitting. I have hopes of receiving an “accepted” letter (although in today’s day and age I guess it will be an email).I am also beta reading and proofing for other authors.

      I hope to have a short story posted in the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

      Love and light…


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