Nighttime Passions

Warning: The material contained in this story is intended for mature readers over the age of 18 years. If you have entered this site in error, please exit from this page immediately.


My hand trails down the center of your chest,
light fingertips gentle over your flesh.
Your eyes are hooded,
swirling and transfixed by the movement.

As they reach your lower belly, you suck in air,
anticipating my future touch.

I follow the curve of your hip, the outside of your thigh, under your knee.

I lick my lips…
It’s hard for me to wait…its’ been too long since I’ve pleasured you.

Too long since I’ve had the pleasure,
of watching you come…
the beauty of your flush,
the tempo of your hips,
the tremble of your muscles.

Still, I take my time with you.
Savoring what I could not have,
now that I have you…
I don’t want to let you go.

My left hand follows the path of the right on the opposite side
before both hands slide under your cheeks and lift your center towards my face.

I inhale…
the fragrance of you fills my nostrils and sends a shudder up my spine.
My anticipation is now greater than yours; my need…

Wanting to delay my urgency to have you,
I lower you to the bed
and guide you to your belly,
so I can lie atop you.

My hands travel over your arms
before finding their way under you
to cup your breasts.

My palms flatten over your nipples
already hardened to points,
and I open my legs
letting my wet center
coat you.

I circle my hips,
spreading my essence
over your cheeks
as my warm breath
caresses your neck, your shoulders, your back…

My lips beg to seek out your flesh
yet I deny myself the simple pleasure,
knowing once my mouth has you
I will need to take you;

Your groan
of desire
is almost enough
to melt my resolve.


“Alexa, baby…wait for my touch,
wait for…
I coo into your ear
and once again,
I feel you tremble against me.

I nip at your shoulder
and you cry out in surprise.
The first feel of my lips and teeth and tongue…

My fingers gently squeeze your nipples,
the points rub against the sheet as I release them.

I move around you
and rotate my body,
my center now resting
between your shoulder blades.

And I begin to kiss your cheeks
closed mouth at first,
but then…
I open my lips
and allow my tongue
to taste you,
feel you,
bathe you.

I lick
at your crevasse,
my tongue gliding
between your cheeks
searching for
your entrance.

I guide your thighs apart
just enough
that I can reach between them
and coat my thumb
in your liquid heat.

I am always amazed
how wet you are
from very little touch.

A testament
to your desire…
your need.

My tongue
finds the goal it seeks
and I circle your tight ring,
watching it spasm under the sensation.

I love knowing
you cannot see me,
cannot anticipate
what I am going to do.

I lick you deep
with my tongue,
before sliding my thumb
into your ass.

Your moan
is not one of pain,
it is one
of shocked pleasure…
and I kiss your cheek
as I move
in a slow, purposeful circle.

I slide a hand
beneath your hip
to your waiting center.

My fingers find your clit,
so hard and swollen…
and I play the wetness
over your hood
and along your shaft.

From behind me
I hear your strained voice,
“Casey…I’m not going to last, I…”

Glancing over my shoulder
I share in your intensity,
“I know, babe, I know.
Come for me whenever you want.”

I sigh…
“We are only beginning
our night of passion,
our night of
making love.”

I rest my cheek against yours
as I stroke so slow and sweet.
I am feeling
your every response,
your every breath,
your every movement.

Soon all I feel
is the throbbing of your clit
as it pounds in my fingers…

I smile.

You are going to come for me…
and I am
filled with awe.

“My Alexa…” I am breathless
at the quickening of you.
“…let it go, babe…
come for me. Please.”

You shudder
in response to my voice,
my plea.

You still have a hard time
I want you so…
want to please you
as I do.

Want to give you
all you desire,
and enjoy the giving…
as much as I do.

I slide my thumb
towards your front,
and rub the thin membrane there.

You buck beneath me
and cry out,
as your walls begin the waves
of your orgasm;
your ass clenches,
locking me inside
and I lick around my thumb
as I slide my fingers into your
hot, slick entrance.

“Casey!…Oh, god…so good!

Your gratification
is so heartfelt,
I weep
at your beauty.
Your voice floats to me.
“You make me come
so hard…”

I lift my weight from you
and watch you shudder again,
riding out the last of
your orgasm.

Your juices flow
into my hand…

When you finally quiet,
your body is still flushed,
I slowly withdraw
and turn you over.

I kiss your lips
with gentle passion,
my hand
in your hair,
and when I pull back
I leave no doubt
what you see
in my eyes.

Love of you.

Rest now, my love…
you can be mine…


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