And then it happened…

I’ve always been a ‘glass half-full’ kind of gal, so it stands to reason I see things a little differently.

I believe the Universe is powerful. I believe we are meant to be happy. To feel love, and to dream, and to achieve all we set out to do. And I believe the way for us to get there is to trust it will be, if we can just let go. I know this is true because it has happened for me.

I began writing again in 2008. Serious writing. It wasn’t good, although at the time I thought it was great. I’ve learned so much since then. Each time I start a story, I see more.  I feel more. I can tell when a scene is lacking and I sense what’s wrong. So I work on making it a little cleaner, a little better. Writing is a process, as well as a craft. Some authors are born story tellers and some authors have really good stories to tell. The hard part is getting it down on paper so that you, the reader, not only enjoy it but also understands what I, the author, am trying to convey with words. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Language alone is limited in the way we use it to share what we want to say. What is in our mind and heart. What our dreams and desires are playing out on the page. How to do it and do it well is part of my journey. I think it’s a shared journey among writers everywhere. It’s the stuff that turns mere words into emotions you experience for yourself with every turn of the page. Joy, pain, heartache, passion, and a host of others.

My first submission was rejected. I cried. I took writing classes and English refresher courses and kept writing. My second submission was closer. There were technical flaws and points that needed addressing. Some I understood how to fix, others I did not. So there were more classes and more research, and a force that kept me going in pursuit of knowledge. I am passionate about writing. I am driven to write. Sure, I felt a little deflated at times. I even walked away from it for more than a year, convinced I didn’t have what it takes to be an author. A really good author. But it called to me. In one form or another, it always has. My fingers itched. I blew the dust off the pages and took a breath.

Friends (Thank you Cathy and Gina.) recently gave me a gift. A harbinger of things to come. It’s a charm bracelet that has a charm, ‘you only fail if you stop writing’. Nothing could be truer.

Last year, I pitched a first-draft manuscript during the Golden Crown Literary Society Annual Conference. I was encouraged by the feedback, knowing there was more work to be done, and that was okay. A few months later, after more encouragement (Thank you Kris and Maggie.), I submitted the manuscript to Bold Strokes Books. I couldn’t help having a panicky feeling when I finally hit the send button. It was a good story, one I felt was fairly well written and told with…what you ask? What else? Passion.

Once it was out the virtual door, I trusted. I asked the Universe to make it happen. I let it go. I waited. And then it did happen. There were a few questions I needed to answer and a few details to work out, but a week later I was under contract to have my first novel, Epicurean Delights published.

I cannot begin to describe the rush of emotions I felt when I read that email the first, second, and third time. My heart raced. This was it. All the hours of writing. All the days of neglected things that needed attention, including my wife, friends, and family…culminated in the one word I focused all of my being on—accepted. Being a published author was no longer just a dream. It was a reality. My reality. Just for me. I’d given myself the best gift. I’d given myself permission to follow my passion.

In the months and years ahead, you’ll be seeing more of me.  I’ve been writing with gusto these last eight years and I’ve had a lot to tell. Some full-length novels, a few novellas, and a couple dozen shorts. They will be the best I have inside of me and the best to be nurtured from me with the help of an amazing staff.

Come back often. I’ll be here. And remember…you owe it to yourself to pursue your dreams. Give yourself the gift. You deserve it. Peace, love, and light…



About Renee Roman

Author of Lesbian Fiction, including romance, intrigue, and erotica.
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